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Istituto Marangoni was founded in Milan in 1935 as the Artistic Institute of Garments Marangoni. Since then, the idea behind the aims pursued by the Institute has always been the formation of professionals and highly skilled technicians for the fashion system.

Over the years, this goal has remained unchanged, but the Institute has grown along with the growth of Italian fashion, constantly updating its formation programmes. Through our pioneering vision, this most ancient Italian fashion schoolhas always been able to respond quickly to the labour market requirements, by training young talents through its fashion courses.

Nowadays Istituto Marangoni, with headquarters in Milan, Paris and London, enables its students to learn fashion where the greatest designers work, where taste becomes international and where the best job opportunities are, by offering programmes specialising in all areas of fashion: creative, organisational and commercial.

Among these institutions, Istituto Marangoni is certainly one of its greatest assets at the European level, bringing excellence and achievements under the leadership of our Group General Manager Mr. Roberto Riccio.

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