IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny

Curs d'Estiu a Global design

IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny

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The world of creation is constantly changing. Its disciplines merge and grow and the way they are implemented becomes more and more liberal. The multidisciplinary approach to design is part of a process where the fields in which creativity can be applied are mixed and matched. This is a form of hybrid learning, where students enter an open study plan with the aim of arousing their curiosity, developing their creativity and discovering the various forms of expression in design.

The summer course in Global Design seeks to explore the disciplines of product design, interior design, fashion design and graphic design to make students understand that design can be based on a common methodology that is then applied to each different sector. Above all, the course focuses on expressing creativity and developing versatility and flexibility. This course is set against IED Barcelona's multicultural backdrop, which seeks to foster knowledge beyond a specific field and to boost each student's natural and shared skills, enabling them to learn about other specialities and the things they have in common.

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Competències per a les que et prepara el curs

Skills acquired:
An eye for observation and analysis in order to conceptualise.
The ability to gather resources in order to bring a concept to fruition.
Experience in modelling and drawing.
A wealth of communication resources.
Experience in an interdisciplinary design project.


The course is intended to constitute a very intense design experience in the city of Barcelona, by means of practical subjects, monographs and trips to studios in different fields of specialisation. The idea is to immerse students in a practical journey through the various disciplines of design guided by professionals from the city who have worked on different perspectives: space, objects, attire and communication. The course?s various subjects are linked, and all converge in a final presentation.

Idiomes en què s'imparteix

Anglès - English.


Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.


Duration: 4 weeks.
Start Date: July 1st 2019.


To take the city of Barcelona as the base from which to venture out on excursions linked to different disciplines.

To understand how the city's various designers work.

To convey the creative experience in a final project.

To provide a basis of technical knowledge for students to direct and focus their first creative ideas.

To encourage an attitude that is at once receptive and analytical; to highlight the importance of process when developing an idea; to understand the need to work on a strong and coherent concept in order to shape ideas throughout every stage of the process and achieve a successful project.


3.100 €
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