Curs d'Estiu en Global Design Junior (English)

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Now that the official year has ended, the nerves brought on by exams and the last-minute handing in of papers, the personal drive to get good grades and the uncertainty of what to study next year have all been left behind. Summer is here and although some people will take private classes, consolidate their knowledge or go on holiday, we propose that you take a two-week break and join the Global Design Junior Course.
What is the Global Design Junior Course?
It is a course that helps you to discover the different areas of design: product, interior, fashion and graphic design. It offers an opportunity to explore the creative processes linked to these disciplines so to discover the potential within and activate your radar in the world of creation. 
This course is in keeping with IED Barcelona's multicultural approach, where the aim is to seek knowledge and pursue ideas beyond each specific area.

Competències per a les quals et prepara el curs

Skills Developed: Learning mechanisms for observation and analysis. Obtaining resources for turning ideas into a physical reality Immersion in an interdisciplinary design project. Ability to organize one?s own ideas, to think and communicate them effectively. Learning to express oneself using different techniques.


  • Young students between 15 and 17 years old who are considering how to further their academic education and have an interest in the different design disciplines.
  • It is aimed towards young people who are not developing their creative or artistic potential and wish to explore their skills.
  • Also for students who are struggling academically or lacking motivation, who need to find themselves and learn how to get organised and enjoy learning.


The programme is designed to immerse the students in the different design disciplines by exploring their specific tools and resources. Moreover, students will explore several techniques and languages from a global perspective involving poetry, visual art, plastic art, sculpture, theatre and music. All exercises are rounded off by putting experience into practice; on the last day, the group is asked to jointly create a piece that combines tools and knowledge in design and art.

Idiomes en els quals s'imparteix



Duration: 2 weeks. Start Date: July 15th 2019


The course is intended to boost motivation, confidence and self-knowledge, so that the students incorporate their experiences into their own academic path and personal life and gain a better understanding of how designers in different areas think and work.
The syllabus has been conceived to create a space where students can establish bonds and share their own distinctive features. Technical knowledge and tools are provided so that the students can develop their own individual ideas and know how to express them.
The design process is laid out so that they can understand how important observation, investigation, concept association, logic and communication are to each discipline.


Each summer course has the advice of a specialist in the field, who plays an active role in developing the study plan and the content of the course in cooperation with the Masters? teaching methods department. DAVID ORTEGA GÓMEZ Coordinator ? Teacher and designer A Graduate in Interior Design, he has his own graphic design, industrial design and, in particular, interior design studio. He combines working from his studio with teaching and has been a lecturer at IED Barcelona since 2006. He recently published the book ?Dibujo a mano alzada para diseñadores de interiores? (Freehand drawing for interior designers) published by Editorial Paramón. Since 2011 he has been vice-chairman of ?CODIC Col·legi de Decoradors i Dissenyadors d?Interiors de Catalunya.? In recent years, he has become interested in all things related to creativity, strengthening the inner abilities of individuals and teaching classes in high schools, art centres and companies.


Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm.
Campus i seus: IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny
IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny
C/ Biada, 11 08012 Barcelona
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