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Master course in Fashion Accessories & Luxury Goods in Milan

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to call them accessories is almost demeaning. today more than ever, collections of accessories are a fundamental part of every fashion brand. they enhance and define the identity of the brand and contribute to improving its profitability.

the main role of the expert in fashion accessories is to understand the current "fashion taste", to pick up on the atmospheres and key images of fashion collections and transport them into the accessories range, positioning it correctly on the market. he must be capable of understanding collection strategies and controlling their development, identifying objectives, means and methods for properly managing the image of the collection and that of the company. the accessories designer is required to research, analyse and interpret trends, in order to position a collection correctly in the contemporary style landscape. he must be capable of picking up on new trends deriving from art, design and photography that have significant relevance, because they influence choices at a global level. he must know how to operate in the field of marketing and brand management and must know the language of communication, in order to present the various lines in a competitive and compelling way.

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fashion accessories
fashion panorama
fashion industry analysis
graphic design
research methods


from 1st october 2012 to 31st may 2013

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Master course in Fashion Accessories & Luxury Goods in Milan

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Master course in Fashion Accessories & Luxury Goods in Milan