Master course in Fashion Buying in Milan

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making the right choices in the fashion sector is crucially important. especially if they are buying choices.

the fashion buyer is the link in the chain that connects fashion houses with consumers. a professional who moves from one supplier to another, from trade fairs to catwalk shows, travelling the world, speaking all the world's languages. the buyer is the person who has to interpret the tastes of his clientele and define purchases for mass retailers, chain stores or individual boutiques. he must establish the right supply scheme and plan the right product mix. on the one hand, he must be creative, sensitive to new ideas and open to new experiences: he is the person who determines which clothes are sold, identifying the collections that customers will like and presenting the styles that are most in demand. on the other hand, he must also be an organiser and a businessman, who knows how to manage costs and revenue, handle quantities and delivery dates, and deal with both the idealism of designers and the reality of the market. here's a course that gives you the chance to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the fashion product: from production methods to buying choices and sales techniques.


fashion marketing management
introduction to buying
buying techniques
understanding buying
contemporary issues in fashion
advance buying
research methods


from 1st october 2012 to 31st may 2013
Master course in Fashion Buying in Milan
Instituto Marangoni
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Instituto Marangoni