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Master course in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management in Milan

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to define the horizons of a brand, you need to have a strategic vision of the context in which it operates. designing a product and establishing a strategy go hand-in-hand.

the fashion brand manager is the person who decides whether to produce a collection or not, defining its fashion content, deciding its price range and identifying its target market. his task is to study the fashion landscape, identify the competition, oversee the development of the product, plan its promotion and select the sales channels. he works with the design office and with all the production and sales departments. should you launch a new product or improve the existing one?

who are your competitors and what potential is there? what tools can you use, how can you use them and when? the fashion business poses a lot of questions. but the task of the brand manager is to observe the lay of the land, identify the consumer, define the product, develop a penetration strategy and organise the means to implement it (through market research and communication tools). finally, it's his job to check that the results correspond to the original plan.

and when there are a lot of people to manage, from marketing personnel to the design office, organising them all requires considerable technical knowledge and plenty of determination

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Temari del curs

fashion marketing management
luxury management
strategic brand management
contemporary issues in fashion
product creativity and innovation
research methods
professional practice master's project


from 1st october 2012 to 31st may 2013
from 11th february 2013 to 27th september 2013

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Master course in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management in Milan

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Master course in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management in Milan