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The Master in FinTech & Business Analytics EADA - ISDI is an integrated FinTech and business programme that distills the most essential aspects of technology and business analytics applications into a comprehensive master's business programme. Based at a top-ranked business school in Barcelona, Spain, the programme provides: 

  • Knowledge of how Fintech is able to scale-up business value
  • Deep FinTech and business analytical skills 
  • International technology certification
  • Professors steeped in practice and in business and data analytical methodologies
  • Access to Internships and professional practice jobs in the industry
  • Leadership and innovation skills
The Master in FinTech & Business Analytics is a clear "first choice" for those who realise that technology is changing absolutely everything in the world of work and business - and who want to lead and be part of this change.
The Tech part of the master's is designed to prepare you for the financial industry of tomorrow, while the business analytical part provides you with the data and business skills to succeed in a reformatted world of work. You will graduate "job market ready", prepared to apply your analytical and data skills to launch or transform your career (or own business) in the exciting "crossover" world of finance and technology.
The Master in FinTech & Business Analytics is based on learning by doing – starting with our faculty, who are deep specialists, all with academic qualifications and experience working in the industry. The unique design of the programme maximises learning and application - you can work or do an internship during the day while completing your master's academic content in the evening. Our aim is that you work to apply what you are learning immediately in a real-world operational context.
What to expect: Barcelona
With the majority of your classes taking place in Barcelona, you will become familiar with the FinTech and Business ecosystem.  The city is home to global Mobile Tech and consistently ranked among the most livable metropolitan areas in Europe. Barcelona boasts a diverse range of FinTech startups as well as traditional financial institutions keen on innovating, making it an important player on the global FinTech map.
What to expect: Madrid
Your week-long immersion into the world of FinTech in the financial capital of Madrid gives you a new perspective on the industry. The Spanish capital is a financial powerhouse to Southern Europe, with leading financial, insurance, accounting and services firms, making it among the most competitive financial centres globally.  Madrid also hosts a thriving FinTech sector, driven by increased funding opportunities and the need to innovate. From innovative startups to the digital transformation of long-standing giants like BBVA, Madrid offers a peek behind the curtain, an experience difficult to  find anywhere else in Europe.


Programme of studies: maximise your learning
The Master in FinTech & Business Analytics has been specially designed so that you hit the ground running after graduation. Our experienced faculty will ensure that you develop the hard and soft skills to effectively address the challenges facing the field of FinTech and take advantage of the unique opportunities it offers. This general knowledge is combined with specific experience-based courses to hone your expertise in the latest technologies.

1st trimester - Your studies
Foundations In Financial Technology

Learn what FinTech is and how FinTech is revolutionising the financial industry and discover the driving forces behind this change.
Ethics & Corporate Governance
Explore the ethical dilemmas and choices faced by investment professionals, taking a practical view by considering the responsibilities of FinTech individuals within the firm.
Linking Tech to Business & Accounting
Gain detailed insight into key accounting concepts to prepare and analyse financial and business data in a digital world.
Capital Markets in the Tech Sector
FinTech is a business model - understand and develop a strong insight into capital markets and the integration of technology into financing strategy. How to raise capital and funding for business ideas and new ventures.
Business Analytics
Learn how to effectively analyse the past and prospective financial statements of a company with the aim of making business recommendations.
Database Design & Data Analysis
Design the databases needed to leverage financial data while complying with complex regulatory and data systems as part of an executive team.
Leadership Development Programme: Self-Leadership Foundations
Raise awareness of your strengths and development needs in leadership competencies.
Leadership Development Programme: Leading Individuals & Teams II
Develop the communication skills needed to interact effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

2nd trimester - Start to specialise
Financial Economics in Python/Tableau

Become an expert in leading financial economics and presentation software to accelerate decision making, increase efficiency and avoid losses.
Blockchain Technology in Finance
Learn the role of blockchain technology in issues of security, integrity and efficiency across the financial services area.
Machine Learning
Learn to create machine learning models and predict iterative outcomes using simple APIs.
Artificial Intelligence
Explore how AI is going from experimentation to implementation in areas like digital banking, data strategy and risk assessment.
Cloud Computing - Amazon Web Services - Cloud Practitioner Certificate
Become adept at using AWS cloud computing to lower costs, improve agility and innovate faster and better.
Big Data in Finance
Analyse how sets of raw data can be leveraged to provide solutions to long-standing business challenges in financial services.
Entrepreneurship: Technical Innovation
Analyse the latest financial innovations to successfully assess the risks and benefits of future entrepreneurial or value-adding projects.
Leadership Development Programme: Leading Individuals & Teams II
Explore and train your ability to contribute effectively to the dynamics of your work team as well as the performance of individual team members.

3rd trimester - Apply your knowledge
Fintech Effects on Corporate Valuation

Analyse the main valuation methodologies to identify the best approach for FinTech companies. Assess and isolate the value-added by FinTech.
Project Management in Fintech

Learn how to meet project objectives by effectively managing resources and collaborating with diverse stakeholders within the firm.
Startup Business Plans
Build up your entrepreneurial toolbox with experience creating a business plan from start to finish. The focus will be in the area of FinTech.
Digital Business
Analyse the digital technologies that are transforming the corporate world and examine the implications for the future of business.
Data Integrity & Risk Management
Understand and minimise risk as it applies to financial data, databases and systems through the integration of new FinTech technologies.
Strategic Innovation in Fintech
Analyse examples of successful innovation to understand the unique challenges and payoffs and rewards in FinTech.
Leadership Development Programme: Leading Change
Reflect and review previous modules and gain insights to ensure continued personal and professional development in the future.

Competències per a les quals et prepara el curs

As a graduate of the Master in FinTech & Business Analytics, you will be able to offer employers specialised knowledge that puts you a step --if not 2 or 3 steps-- ahead of the rest. You will develop a unique vision of the industry, integrating the best practices in finance, technology and digital business into your strategies.


Face-to-face in Barcelona, Spain or live online. The unique format of the Master in FinTech & Business Analytics allows you to complement your studies with an internship or job in the sector. This means that you can apply what you are learning in your evening classes to what you are living in the field during the day. Now, that's exponential and experiential learning! The master in FinTech & Business Analtics guarantees you a level of expertise consistent with the very best professional qualifications in the world of finance. You actively participate in engaging class discussions, sharing insights and debating innovative solutions to real business problems in the field of FinTech – all under the guidance of an experienced faculty.


Inici: octubre 2021.

Perspectives laborals

The Master in FinTech & Analytics is designed to make you into a well-rounded, value-strong professional with the know-how to impress digital business leaders and the leadership skills to execute a strategic plan of action. The programme is closely aligned with the needs of today's leading FinTech companies, ensuring that you have your choice of professional opportunities.

Avantatges del curs

Whether you aim to join a crowdfunding startup or form part of a multinational bank, your digital expertise is guaranteed with courses on machine learning, the latest FinTech software and Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification. Grow your opportunities in hubs of finance and innovation: In Barcelona, you are at the centre of the FinTech action, joining an extensive ecosystem of innovative startups and established financial giants just looking for that game-changing technology that will make the difference. Your business trip to the capital in Madrid offers a unique opportunity to explore the field from another angle, as you visit the EU companies transforming the financial landscape of tomorrow.


Monday to Thursday, 18:00-21:00.
Master in FinTech & Business Analytics EADA - ISDI
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