Master in Marketing Management MIM (100% english)

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Spanish corporations are currently immersed in an extremely competitive world in which we no longer talk about our national markets, we refer to them as "local markets"; continental markets are "regional markets" and international markets are becoming "global markets".
From this perspective, the commercial activity of selling products and services is becoming an increasingly complex task:
The competitive environment in which companies operate has changed dramatically over the last ten years.
The new technologies are having a direct impact on our lives styles and the way companies are managed; therefore, it is of paramount importance that organisations understand and adapt to these structural changes if they want to survive in a fierce competitive environment.
The main objective we wish to achieve with our MIM programme is to train future marketing managers to able to make appropriate decisions using the methods and techniques acquired during the course.
This master has been offered for more than twenty years and its contents are improved each year by teachers and business professionals who provide new insights to adapt the programme to the new marketing management trends.
The programme takes place in Barcelona. Its content includes key marketing management modules, as well as other modules related with other functional areas of the company as part of its strategic market orientation, providing a practical vision of the business and marketing activity of the company.


An innovative, academically sound, practice driven. An International Business focused program reflecting the current challenges in the market place. Master in Marketing Management has been designed to train tomorrow´s marketing leaders in international companies.
  • Understanding the market & the firm.
  • Identifying & communicating value.
  • Delivering & measuring value.
  • Digital & international.
  • Professional skills development.
  • World market & intra/entrepreneurship workshops.
  • Optional pathways at the end of the program:
    • Business Plan
    • Marketing Plan + Semester abroad
    • Marketing Plan + 6 months internship / project in a company

Competències per a les quals et prepara el curs

Participants will gain the key skills and knowledge to evaluate, manage and implement marketing strategies while strengthening their ablility to face and solve complex challenges in an increasingly globalized marketing enviroment.


Class Profile:
Professionals willing to initiate, develop or reorientate her/his professional career in Marketing with a clear vision to reach Marketing or Business Director positions or become an entrepreneur; people searching for a differential advantage from a superior knowledge of customers and markets operating in a global and digitized world.



The methodology of the course is focussed on student learning through the combination of sufficient individual effort, proven ability and involvement in teamwork. Tutors, mentors and lecturers facilitate the process of understanding and applying knowledge and the transmission of skills. Mehodological criteria: The purpose of our methodology is to create a virtuous circle of action - feedback - analysis - action in the students on our course. The strategy is based on the following three principles: development of critical thinking, promotion of independent learning (Student Centred Learning) and providing guidance and professional and academic support. Sessions oriented to decision-making with the right balance of the theoretical and the practical. Individual demand based on assessments, cases and exercises. Defence through team-based presentation of company cases with incremental complexity. Group-based preparation, presentation and defence of a final project or business plan.

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Start date: A consultar.

Avantatges del curs

International business experience in China. EPAS acredited. The MIM among the top graduate programs in Marketing in the world Included in the Top 50 Marketing list by Youth Incorporated (2018). 18 In the Ranking of Best International MBAs (AMERICAECONOMIA _ EDICIÓN MBA Ranking 2017). ESIC´s graduates wanted by international employers & ESIC´s value recognized by graduates 1 in employability in Europe (QS 2015). 1 on Return on Investement (QS 2015). 1 of the 7 Top-Tier Employability business schools in Europe (QS 2017).s.


Our faculty combines a balance between academic background and practitioner experience, both nationally and internationally, which results in a high-quality training that is shaped by the latest developments in the field offered to students in the form of research and/or reflections on professional experience.

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Monday to thursday.
Master in Marketing Management MIM (100% english)
ESIC, Business & Marketing School
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Campus Posgrado Barcelona
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