Master in Project management (Full Time)

70 crèdits
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The current market dynamism and business environment have led to companies and organisations needing to manage numerous projects simultaneously. Within this context, the figure of Project Manager takes on a key importance in organisations and companies of all sizes, as they play a critical role in terms of designing efficient business strategies that take full advantage of the available resources. Meanwhile, globalisation, the emergence of new competitors and sudden changes in business strategies mean that, as well as being equipped with an in-depth knowledge of project management, Project Managers also need to have highly developed personal skills and performance competencies.
In response to this business demand, the Master in Project  Management is designed to equip executives to lead, plan, organise and oversee complex global projects efficiently and effectively. Professionals equipped to lead teams based on the development of executive skills and techniques required by directors. In short, Project Directors who can align the present needs of companies in terms of project management with the current requirements stipulated in the global standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI): minimising risks, creating new opportunities and achieving the objectives that have been set.


MODULE 1 - Project Management: Strategy, Portfolio and Financing-
  • Strategic management and business environment3 ECTS
  • Program and portfolio management. Project finance4 ECTS
MODULE 2 - Project Planning and Control: Scope, Time, Cost-
  • Project scope management3 ECTS
  • Project Time Management3 ECTS
  • Project cost management3 ECTS
MODULE 3 - Quality and Risk Management, Procurement and Legal Aspects in Projects-
  • Project risk management3 ECTS
  • Project quality management3 ECTS
  • Project procurement management and legal aspects3 ECTS
MODULE 4 - The Human Factor-
  • Human resource management. Project manager. Interpersonal skills and ethics4 ECTS
  • Communication and stakeholder management3 ECTS
  • Project sales management3 ECTS
MODULE 5 - Knowledge Management and Integration-
  • Project integration and knowledge management. Project management game and tools4 ECTS
  • New trends and methodologies in project management3 ECTS
  • PMP Certification preparation3 ECTS
MODULE 6 - Final Master Thesis-
  • Final master thesis 15 ECTS
  • Minor 10 ECTS
Total credits 70 ECTS

Prova d'accés

The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the program by looking at their professional experience and their academic CV.


Full Time. Flexible Start Date: Es tracta d'una metodologia innovadora i flexible que permet oferir als alumnes internacionals un sistema d'incorporació contínua de diverses etapes perquè puguin incorporar-se a les classes presencials posterior a l'començament oficial de el programa sense problemes. Per a la convocatòria de maig 2021 ofereixen quatre etapes / dates per l'on-boarding dels alumnes a les classes presencials. Sol·licita informació sobre el teu programa d'interès i un assessor t'informarà sobre les dates d'incorporació previstes.

Idiomes en els quals s'imparteix

This program will be conducted in English.


Propera convocatòria: octubre 2022.


  • To train expert Project Managers with the capacity to reach the set targets, increase profitability and enhance the overall quality of the project.
  • Insight into the key aspects of strategic project management and its importance within the global strategy of the organization.
  • Strengthening decision-making in complex projects, taking into account all of the technical, financial, quality, environment and risk exposure aspects involved.
  • Knowing, selecting and adequately using the tools required for the effective management of project budgets.
  • Equipping participants with the executive skills required to manage a project team in order to ensure its success.
  • Successfully passing the certification examination to become a Project Manager Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Titulació obtinguda

Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the Master in Project Management from EAE Business School. In addition, students who fulfill the established academic requirements will be awarded the Master in Project Management from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.

Perspectives laborals

Director of Projects. Director of Risk and Project and Business Continuity. Director of Quality. Project-applied R&D Manager. Process, Product and Service Innovation Manager. Project Management Consultancy.


EAE offers special funding conditions, grants and aid for candidates accepted on EAE programs.


Més de 10000 €
Barcelona: 14000 euros.


EAE's academic faculty is made up of an excellent team of professors, university lecturers and highly respected professionals in this field. The academic faculty members boast a wealth of business experience, working as consultants, senior executives and advisors in both private companies and public institutions. Director: Marc Barà Iniesta. Iván Zamarrón
Master in Project management (Full Time)
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