Màster Oficial en Direcció d'Empreses Turístiques. Especialitat Events Management (Inici 2014)

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The Events sector has been in recent years one of the sectors that has contributed most to the development of the Tourism Industry. In this sense, the Events sector has notably changed, not only through the diversification of different types of events but also because of their growing complexity, global scale, and impact on overall marketing strategies. In this context, companies from a wide variety of sectors have become aware of the potential of this industry and, consequently, are increasingly making use of events as a new promotional tool and as a key in building brand recognition. The impact of these new contexts forces the sector to continuously transform itself in order to maintain competitiveness and evolve in line with new industry trends.

This Master's program strives to successfully lead the participants across the world of Tourism & Events to understand not only the keys to development, planning and management of different types of events, but also to optimize their potential as a marketing and communication tool.

Reasons to study this Master

This master's degree, born with an international vocation, will allow the participants to comprehend the realities and particularities of the events industry from a global perspective, focusing on the new trends and needs of the sector. Likewise, the program will offer cross –functional, highly specialized content designed for professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and achieve a successful career in this field.

The teaching staff and collaborators involved in the master's are recognized professionals with proven experience in leading companies of the sector. The cultural diversity of the students of the master's enables a rewarding professional exchange as well as a global vision.

The learning methodology is action-oriented and uses techniques for group dynamics, role-playing, and outdoor training, ensuring that the training has immediate applicability to the company.

The knowledge acquired during the master's guarantees the students  career advancement in the marketplace, sponsored by CETT's close relationship with the business and institutional tourism sector. Participants can also benefit from the resources and assessment of cett's career development department.


    Develop a broad and international vision of the events business
    Reach an integral understanding and knowledge of the events industry
    Identify and make use of the potential of events as a tool for communication and marketing
    Comprehend and implement the keys and processes involved in the planning and organization of different types of events
    Discern the keys for the development and management of successful events.



Experience Management (5 ECTS)

    The Events Industry as a global market and its economic impact
    Events typology and particularities
    Parallel industries: transportation, lodging, food service, etc.

Operations Management: Organization and Planning (5 ECTS)

    Value Chain Analysis & Events Organization: an integral vision
    Events Planning
    Venue Selection and Design

Operations Management: Logistics and Control (5 ECTS)

    Service Logistics: complementary services, venue management, catering and food service, lodging, audio-visual, transportation, leisure activities, etc.
    Health and Safety
    Outsourcing Management
    Performance Indicators & Control Measures

High Performance Teams Management (5 ECTS)

    Human Resources Management in Events Industry
    Volunteer Management
    Leadership and Ethics
    Management Skills Development

Special Events Management (5 ECTS)

    Sports Events Management
    Events in Creative Industries
    Macro Events Management

Key tools for demand management (5 ECTS)

    Online Marketing: distribution channels, integration with "off"
    Tools to anticipate and forecast demand (RMS, CRM, BI)
    Management tools and optimization of demand: CRS, PMS, ...
    Pricing: online pricing strategies, dynamic pricing, social shopping, auctions, etc. ..)


Strategic Management and Economic and Financial (5 ECTS)

    Business Models Events
    Marketing strategies
    Economic and financial analysis
    The budget as a management tool

Management skills (5 ECTS)



This subject aims to enable students to analyze the characteristics and problems of the current event industry through adequate research methods and techniques. Its main objective is to initiate the students into research methodology so that they can successfully plan and develop either research projects or applied projects in real companies of the sector.



Target Students

    BACHELOR DEGREES in Economics, Business Management, Marketing, Commercial Management, Communication, Sports Management, Leisure Management.

    BACHELOR'S in other study areas with a minimum of professional experience in the field of tourism and/or business.

    TOURISM PROFESSIONALS who want to develop projects and / or enhance their present business by focusing on events management.

    OTHER PROFESSIONAL PROFILES, subject to approval by the Program Director.

Idiomes en els quals s'imparteix



Term: October 2014 to June 2015 Delivery of the Master'S Final Project: Until September 2015

Perspectives laborals

This master degree will provide new career opportunities for participants targeting positions in Events Industry Companies and other businesses, institutions, and tourist destinations in the following departments: Marketing Communications Public Relations Product Development Operations Likewise, participants can also develop a professional career as consultants or sta their own business within the Events Industry.


Three weekdays, from 18.00 to 21.00h
Màster Oficial en Direcció d'Empreses Turístiques. Especialitat Events Management (Inici 2014)
Escola Universitària d'Hoteleria i Turisme CETT, centre adscrit a la Universitat de Barcelona
Campus i seus: Escola Universitària d'Hoteleria i Turisme CETT, centre adscrit a la Universitat de Barcelona
Escola Universitària d'Hoteleria i Turisme CETT, centro adscrito a la Universidad de Barcelona
Avda. Can Marcet, 36-38 08035 Barcelona
Escola Universitària d'Hoteleria i Turisme CETT, centro adscrito a la Universidad de Barcelona
Avda. Can Marcet, 36-38 08035 Barcelona
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