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MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Full Time) Barcelona

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This program will be conducted in English

Ostelea's Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is designed with the objective of training the future leaders of the tourism sector: directors, professionals and entrepreneurs equipped to manage business projects in the tourism and hotel sector at the very highest level. To this end, the programme particularly focuses on the development of executive skills and aptitudes of a strategic nature.

Reasons for studying the Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA at Ostelea:

  • Series of conferences with executives from hotels and restaurant companies, and international tourism consultants.

  • Official status of the qualification.

  • Language: The entire program is run in English.

  • Multicultural approach: Over 85% of the students are international, ensuring valuable multicultural insight on the various disciplines covered on the program.

  • Doing Business in Spain Seminar: Entrepreneurs in Spain share their insight into the key factors to take into account in order to be successful and competitive in the Spanish market.

  • Business Game: The program applies a learning methodology based on business simulations, with physical models, enabling participants to tackle the challenge of understanding strategic planning through practice and execution within a context very similar to the real world that executives face in the course of their daily duties

  • International faculty: Part of the content on certain courses is taught by lecturers from Ostelea's partner business schools and universities.

  • Fieldwork projects on experiences hospitality and tourism management in hotels in tourist destinations around Barcelona.

  • Case study method: The main learning methodology applied throughout the program, which places participants in real business situations so that they have to analyse them and propose their own solutions.

  • Skills Management Residential Course: Intensive weekend (with two nights included) working on executive skills.

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Ostelea's Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA is divided into 6 modules:
  • Global Environment and Markets
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Management
  • Corporate Internationalization
  • Master's Thesis
  • Elective Courses

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Open call for October 2017.
Full time.

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The objectives of the Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA are as follows: 

  • International vision of the tourism industry: Providing executive tuition with an international vision of the tourism industry, together with a flexible and adaptable perspective in a changing and competitive global setting. Integrating the main spheres of tourism management from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective.

  • Strategic: Ensuring the effective management of tourism companies based on strategic plans and focused on achieving results.

  • Needs: Providing a response to the training needs of executives specializing in the tourism sector.

  • Innovation: Developing the capacity for innovation and creative management of executives in tourism and hotel companies. Enabling the acquirement of knowledge and skills in terms of new technologies applied to tourism and e-Tourism, in particular. 

  • Future leaders: Training the future leaders of the global hospitality and tourism industry. Equipping participants with the executive skills and competences required of directors and businesspeople in the tourism sector in order to ensure dynamic, effective and successful leadership.

  • Trends: Analysing global trends in the sector and acquiring the perspectives and strategies required to become ethical leaders of global tourism organizations.

Titulació obtinguda

Master in Business Administration and Management, majoring in International Business, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (OFFICIAL), and specialization in Hospitality & Tourism Management from Ostelea (INSTITUTIONAL). Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from the Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality. (INSTITUTIONAL). Hospitality and Tourism Management MBA from EAE Business School. (INSTITUTIONAL).

Perspectives laborals

Hotel director or manager, or manager of other types of tourism establishment Operational Director or Department Manager in tourism companies. Corporate Director in hospitality and tourism companies, in any of the functional areas. Director of companies operating in the tourism sector in general. Positions of responsibility in companies and public institutions in the sector. Positions in auxiliary companies in the fields of marketing and commercialization linked to the hospitality and tourism industries. Business entrepreneur in the tourism sector, or related sectors. Tourism and hospitality consultant/advisor


Ostelea gives candidates access to grants in the form of financial aid with the aim of providing support for our students.



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Avantatges del curs

Additional cross-profile services included in your Master (limited places): Tourism Skills Development Program. Employability-focused training: Professional careers programs, Employability Week, Employment Forum, Graduate Program, among others (subject to offer). Monthly conferences with Directors of different departments and CEOs from the leading companies in the sector. Seminars on Hospitality (Barcelona) and Sustainability (Madrid). Language: English or French to choose.

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MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Full Time) Barcelona

MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Full Time) Barcelona