Course of International Bartending

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European Bartender School
Course of International Bartending
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entre 1.000 € i 2.500 €


The International Bartender Course is the world's most developed bartender programme. The comprehensive course was meticulously designed by internationally renowned bartending experts to train students fast and effectively and is continuously updated to stay at the forefront of current bar practices.Our courses have turned over 70,000 students into talented bartenders. We've created the world's most developed bartender programmes, built to arm you with skills that extend beyond the bar. Once you graduate from EBS, you'll get a globally recognised qualification and access to our exclusive job platform EBS MatchStaff, giving you first pick of the industry's top jobs.
When it comes to unforgettable experiences, we set the bar high. Our epic courses allow you to gain invaluable skills, travel the world, form lasting friendships and build confidence – both sides of the bar. Whether you want to build an exciting career, earn money while studying or travelling or you simply want to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, our International Bartender Course will get you there – and you'll have a lot of fun along the way! This is the world's most popular bartender course, provided by the world's largest bartender school.


The four-week International Bartender Course is broken down into four core modules:Bar Practice, Masterclasses, Flair, and Free Pour. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and the confidence to walk behind any bar, anywhere in the world and look like you've been doing it for years.
Bar Practice
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You'll spend time behind our purpose-built bar stations every day, crafting up to 100 cocktails in a real bar environment. During your four weeks at EBS, you'll make as many cocktails as a regular bartender does in six months. By the end, you'll feel right at home behind any bar anywhere in the world.
To be a world-class bartender, practical skills alone aren't enough. You need in-depth knowledge of what goes into every glass, from beers and wines to staple spirits and mixers. In this module, you'll gain expert-level product knowledge and learn about the history of bartending.
You don't need flair to make a great cocktail. But for your customers, impressive tricks can be the cherry on top of the Manhattan cocktail (and for you, the extra note in the tip jar). Designed by multi-award winning Flair World Champion Tom Dyer, this world-class programme will teach you how to put on a show using bottles, bar equipment and a steady hand.
Free Pour
Ever wondered how some bartenders can free pour eight drinks in two minutes and make it look easy? Well, we'll let you in on the little-known secret reserved only for the pros. On this module, we'll show you how to pour efficiently with precision, speed and confidence – without using a jigger


No experience necessary.

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Get 6 months bartending experience in 4 weeks.

Titulació obtinguda

Get a globally recognised qualification. Step miles ahead of the bartending competition. With the EBS certificate, you'll be able to find work easily as soon as you finish your course. To pass the course, you have to score 75% overall. Once you pass, you'll receive the globally recognised and widely respected EBS certificate.

Perspectives laborals

Once you graduate, you'll get free lifelong access to EBS MatchStaff. With this, you'll be first in line for the best jobs in the industry. This exclusive online platform will connect you with top bars, restaurants, and clubs all over the world, putting hundreds of exciting job opportunities at your fingertips.


entre 1.000 € i 2.500 €
Price: 1900 - 2500 euros.

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What you'll get with the International Bartender Course: A four-week experience in one of our 25+ destinations across the globe. Six hours of school per day, Monday to Friday. Specially trained EBS Academy instructors. Weekly masterclasses with industry experts. Bartending manual designed by world-leading bartenders. Informative pre-course video pack. Globally recognised certificate of completion. Free lifelong access to our exclusive job platform, EBS MatchStaff. The option to stay at our EBS accommodation.

Tipus d'avaluació

Every day, you'll be tested on the six cocktail recipes you learnt in class the day before. This will help prep you for the final exams at the end of the course.
Course of International Bartending
European Bartender School
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