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Máster Design Health Barcelona
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Design Health Barcelona is a talent incubator program to boost pioneer innovation, in which the real needs of the hospital environment will be the basis of new technologies to improve patient care.
Inspired by the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship programs and Future Med (Singularity University), the United States, and Kaos Pilot, of Denmark, d•HEALTH Barcelona is a program designed to develop entrepreneurial talent in the field of health and sciences life.

Design Health Barcelona is an innovative program in several ways:
- Intensive immersion in a clinical setting (learning based on actual experimentation)
Work in a multidisciplinary team where knowledge and experience complement (life sciences, engineering, business and design)
- New methodological approaches (based on group dynamics workshops, open discussions, presentations and discussions with expert panels, MOOCs ...)
- The combination of classes and workshops with experts and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in science, business and X-Thinking (a set of tools and ways of thinking that enable entrepreneurs face the problems of health care and will help succeed in implementing the innovation process in medical technology).

D•HEALTH Barcelona seeks people able to become change-makers, catalyst across fields and future leaders in healthcare innovation.

Restless and curious people with any of the following requirements:
- An undergraduate degree in Medicine/Life Sciences, Business/Economics, Engineering/IT or design.
- A postgraduate degree such as a Masters degree in Science, a PhD or a post-doctorate training.
- The will to make a turn in their professional careers and pursue innovation in healthcare.

People who love to work in multidisciplinary teams and have:
- An explorative mindset, purpose and passion.
- International experience studying or working outside home country.
- Proficiency in English

- A "can do-will do" attitude and commitment to explore and take risks to anticipate where things are heading in healthcare industry.
- Strong interpersonal skills.

d•HEALTH Barcelona is also innovative by the high degree of internationalization of its faculty and brings together more than 50 experts and entrepreneurs in the biomedical, health, economic, financial and design fields. It includes prominent international figures such as John Collins, director of the Center for Implementing Technology Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) in Boston, Dan E. Azagury, Grube Stanford Biodesign Fellow 2011-12 and co-founder of Medical Ciel (Geneva); Yossi Bahagon, founder and head of e-health in Clalit Health Services (Jerusalem), Chia Hwu, CEO of Qubop (Silicon Valley), David Maltz, head of development at Novartis medical device (Silicon Valley) and LekshmyParameswaran, founder and partner of Fuelfor (Barcelona - Singapore), a consultancy specializing in design applied to health. At the national level are also involved: Manel del Castillo, Alfons Cornella, Genis Roca, Pep Torres, Pere Estupiña and Marc Lite.

Design Health Barcelona shares the same spirit of Stanford's Biodesign innovation process: the identification, invention and implementation of new medical technologies. It works at the interfaces of Science and Business, using an X-Thinking approach to facilitate and accelerate healthcare entrepreneurship.
X-Thinking is a combination of human-centered, prototype-driven tools and methods that, in conjunction with the scientific and business knowledge, provide fellows with the skills, values, attitudes and behaviours necessary to produce disruptive solutions to tackle any complex challenge.


Bootcamp - 5 weeks
Team Building
Introduction to Business, Medicine, Engineering & Design
Intensive introduction to the Clinical field

Phase I: Identify - 8 weeks
Hospital immersion:
— Hospital Clínic Barcelona
— Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
— Institut Guttmann

Phase II: Invent - 7 weeks
Concept selection
Proof of concept
Phase III: Implement - 7 weeks
Business Model Design
Lean LaunchPad
Investors' Day - 1 week
Pitching to a panel of investors
Medicine – The Science
One of the first, most important steps in the biodesign innovation process is for innovators to discover and explicitly commit themselves to a strategic focus area. This chapter provides fellows detailed information and important considerations for choosing the referred strategic focus. It includes a series of clinical lectures in:

• Medicine for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
• Breakthroughs in Medicine
• New trends in Medicine & Healthcare

It outlines important information and guidelines of the process to develop new biomedical technologies and therapies. It covers:

• Concept development and prototyping
• Medical device innovation

IT (Information Technologies)
Through a series of lectures fellows learn how the interfaces of healthcare,
innovation and technology interact:

• Technological systems in Healthcare
• Health Technology Assessment
• How to use technology to run a new venture and succeed
Healthcare – The Industry
Building and managing a small business, generating the business model, articulating a business plan and navigating the complicated waters of fundraising are all essential components and are explored in depth in this chapter. First, fellows are immersed in business dynamics and learn who are the key sector players within the healthcare industry:

• Services
• Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
• MedTech

This outcome provides fellows the key knowledge and skills needed to set new ventures which are looking for a sustainable business model:

• Approaches and methodologies to entrepreneurship (Customer Development; Lean Startup; Business Model Design; Agile Entrepreneurship)
• Creativity and Innovation: Design Thinking
• Funding a new venture: Private Equity & VC/BA

As soon as a company initiates development strategy and planning activities, the time is right to start thinking about the creation of a business plan. This chapter teaches fellows important information to gain the expertise and competencies required to run and execute companies and business models:

• Economics for Entrepreneurs
• Finance for Entrepreneurs
• Management frameworks and tools
• Law & IP for Entrepreneurs
• Negotiation

This module allows fellows to gain proven techniques and the best practices to help them better manage and develop teams, handle adversity, and enhance their leadership potential. It covers training in:

• Managing Oneself
• Personal Branding & Reputation
• Process & Norms for Well-Performing Teams
• Decision-making
• Presentation skills: Oral and written communication
X – Thinking is a set of 10 tools needed to tackle any complex challenge:

•  Design Thinking: Approach challenges with creativity, empathy and effectiveness by combining reasoning and intuition.
• Integrative Thinking: Build a holistic view to integrate any challenge.
• Strategic Thinking: Discover the methods, tools and rules of good strategy making and outmaneuver any rival.
•  Creative Thinking: Become more creative. Coming up with new ideas is not a gift, only some of us are born with.
• Critical & Logical Thinking: Learn the principles and mental mechanisms involved in problem solving.
• Systems Thinking: Understand how ideas interact and influence each other.
• TOC Thinking Processes: Find out the system constraints and how to manage them to achieve your goals.
• Visual Thinking: Develop the emotional and creative part of your brain and become a picture thinker.
• Quantitative Thinking: Interpret and effectively convey quantitative information. A must in a data-driven world.
•Biomimicry: Observe nature's models to solve human problems.

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Idiomes en els quals s'imparteix

English, Spanish, Catalan


Durada: 8 months (full time program). Data inici: 16/09/2013 (inscription for 2013 edition is closed).

Perspectives laborals

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Start your own ventures (between 33% and 50% of the Fellows) Join an Innovation Department at one of the hospitals Join a large tech med company (GE; Siemens; Philips; Olympus; etc.) Join a collaborator company (consulting; design firm; health accelerator; VC firm; etc.)


Biocat will provide up to 12 scholarships to cover 50% of the tuition of the first edition of d•HEALTH Barcelona.


Full time.
Máster Design Health Barcelona
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