Master in Digital Marketing and Customer Service

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INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
Master in Digital Marketing and Customer Service
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Preu 5.200 €


In the current Internet has become one of the greatest tools in terms of marketing impact. It is essential to know the different possibilities that this universe offers to work communication with customers.


  • Relationship Marketing, Direct & Interactive
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Marketing and Digital Communication
  • New formats in Marketing and Communication
  • Environment 2.0


  • Graduates who want to expand their field of work in the digital realm.
  • Experienced professionals and freelancers who want to upgrade or expand their knowledge.
  • Companies seeking staff expertise.
  • Graduates in Vocational Intermediate or Higher Grade in the areas of Marketing seeking specialized training to enter the workforce.

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From October 2020 until July 2021.


  • Know and apply the approach to Online Marketing and interactive multimedia environment.
  • Understand the new formats of communication that is creating this environment.
  • To train skilled professionals for integrated digital campaigns.
  • Encouraging creativity and mastery of new forms of communication in a digital environment, and online.

Titulació obtinguda

After successful testing and evaluation of the program, as long as there is the minimum attendance required, students obtain the title of Master in Marketing Digital & Social Media of INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.


INSA offers the possibility of internships in companies during the period of delivery of the Master's.

Perspectives laborals

Online Marketing Manager. Responsible for positioning SEO and SEM.

Tipus d'avaluació

The program evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each of the blocks through class attendance and / or examination, so that the student must have passed each subject independently.


Monday to Wednesdays 19:00 to 22:00.
Master in Digital Marketing and Customer Service
INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
Campus i seus: INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
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